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Andy Cohen spends a wet weekend in D.C. with his family.

on Mar 15, 2010

It is a wee bit miserable in NYC, but I am quite confident this monsoon is going to lead to great springy things for us all.

I was "enjoying" the rain in DC this weekend, sightseeing with my parents and nephew. We had a blast. We started at the Holocaust museum, which is one of the most moving places you'll ever go. There is so much to respond to, and you never know what is going to affect you; the thing that totally got me was seeing a room filled with thousands of shoes. A trip to this museum is a necessary and powerful experience on so many levels.

From there we got ourselves together (and made a total left turn) and headed to Top Chef alumnus Spike Mendelsohn's white-hot restaurant Good Stuff Eatery.

Spike is not only adorable and nice, his restaurant is a huge hit and serves some of the greatest, most innovative and awesome hamburgers and milkshakes that you can imagine.  We FEASTED and met Spike's mom, sister, and dad, who are there pretty much every day with Spike. It's a family affair that will soon extend next door when he opens what I know will be a great pizza joint.  

From there we walked to the Smithsonian where we beelined to the First Ladies' dresses.  (Insert Andy joke here.) Can you please take a look at Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush's:

Beyond highlighting the gorgeousity of Nan's Galanos affair and uggo-ness of Bab's de la Renta, the side-by-side moment also tells us that Barbara was also about three times as wide as Nancy. That ain't nice but it was what everybody was sayin'. I am just reporting what I heard and saw, people! They should put Barbara's in the cabinet with Hillary and Laura's incredibly ugly frocks, so they can all have something in common.