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Andy Cohen talks Madoff, Larry King, and Franklin Roosevelt.

on Dec 19, 2008


Well, I guess it's ABOUT to be a snowy morning... It's not as I type this but I saw Janice Huff - the Empress of NYC weather - in the hallway yesterday and the look on her face and her red suit said to me "6-8 inches" vs. "wintry mix".

Yesterday I met with a gal who works at MSNBC and is looking for a career change. I took the opportunity to ask her why the "news" on TV is 24/7 Caylee Anthony. Am I alone in not giving a crap about Caylee over other stuff in the world? Of course I want her returned and I love children and I love Caylee but there are a trillion missing kids and we're at war and broke and there's about to be no more water, so what is extra special about Caylee again? Find her and let me know then.

So is this Madoff creep going to commit suicide or die in jail or be killed or what? What will happen to this horrible guy?

The gays are in a STATE about Pastor Rick Warren speaking at the Inauguration. Here's how lame I am: I got so revved up that Aretha is on the program, that I forgot to get worked up about Rick Warren. Now that I've gotten 85 mass emails from pissed homos I've given the matter a little thought and decided that I do not care. Obama is trying to put up an umbrella that has covers everyone, and that includes stupid people, cat lovers, homophobes, and radicals. I care more that Obama supports gays than him letting some Nazi speak for a minute at the inaugural. I am looking at the big picture here and I know that no one agrees with me.