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The election is killing Andy Cohen.

on Oct 30, 2008

I am incredibly mixed about this new blog layout. I might actually hate it. I feel like there is air and space everywhere, kind of like a blog air and space museum. You have been to a blog air and space museum, right?

Ok I can't start so stupid on a Thursday. I just can't. Especially on a day that will end with a brand new episode of "Guide to Style" because it wouldn't be fair to Tim! It is cold in NYC, with a distinct fall nip in the air. Liza was saying the other day that it takes one cool day to make you forget what it feels like to walk outside in a tee shirt. Oh Liza, why do you always know best? Why?

We are only five days away from voting and the wait is killing me! The dichotomy between Drudge and Huffpo, FOX and MSNBC is unbelievable. It's almost hard to watch either! The Obama folks called me last night and asked me to help out anytime between now and Tuesday, so it looks like I am running a phone bank on Saturday and Sunday. I'm psyched.

I took some Gaba to help shut my mind off last night at 11 in hopes of getting a ridiculous amount of sleep, but I got bitchslapped by the Clinton-Obama rally in Florida and couldn't turn it off. So it became me fighting the Gaba in order to stay awake, which is a lot prettier than fighting an Ambien, which apparently makes you hallucinate like a shroomer at a Dead show.