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Andy Cohen breaks down this year's Golden Globes.

on Jan 17, 2006

Remember the year Elizabeth Taylor stole the show at the Globes when she mistakenly announced "Gladiator" as the Best Picture winner? Pandemonium ensued, Dick Clark freaked out, and Molly Shannon was at the ready days later with a genius impersonation. Last night I missed Liz Taylor! But here's what I thought of the show...

PRETTY LADIES!: SJP! Laura Linney! Heidi Klum! Keira Knightley! Gwyneth Paltrow, what a pretty pregnant lady you are!

GREAT SPEECHES: Geena Davis - what a fake story about the kid! Hugh Laurie: the picking names out of pocket gag was original and genius! Sir Anthony Hopkins - the Brits know how to do it

! I KINDA THOUGHT I'D NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN: Virginia Madsen, Michael Bolton, Emmy Rossum


UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: Was Melanie Griffith holding her daughter hostage at the podium? Did Dennis Quaid have to make a crude 'Brokeback' joke when introducing that clip? Is Penelope Cruz maybe, sorta, kinda the new Charo?!

MEMO TO JAMIE FOXX: It's "Linney" not "Linley"!

IF I NEVER SAW THEM AGAIN MAYBE I'D BE OK WITH IT: the un-movable faces of the oh-so 'Desperate Housewives"