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Andy Cohen gives a mazel to Tom Colicchio for his James Beard Award.

on May 5, 20100

Tonight is the first night of the Champions Round of Top Chef Masters, and this is where the show kicks into high gear. I LOVE the group of returning chefs. I'm especially tickled by Susan Feniger — why is she so funny to me!? She makes everything look easy, too.

Monday night at the James Beard Awards, Tom Colicchio was honored with the big award of the night: Chef of the Year. We are all so thrilled about his honor. This means, of course, that he's essentially the Top Chef Master of all the Top Chef Masters. But we knew that. 

I am in a massive buttload of traffic this morning on my way to work and I seem to be at war with my driver, Abu Nozirul-Haque. I did not want to take 28th Street, he did, and now we are stuck. I wanted to turn on the A/C, he did not, we did and it is taking forever to cool down. I am shvitzing like a man in the Bravo Clubhouse!

By the way, it only took us 38 episodes to have the brainstorm of getting a FAN in the Bravo Clubhouse to reduce my sweating, but it happened a few weeks ago and lo and behold I seem to be under control. It's the little things, you know. 

The cab is kind of cooling down now, 10 minutes later, and we are off 28th Street. Abu still seems mad at me though, and I am trying to kill him with kindness. And he is trying to kill me by hauling ass up 6th Avenue like a freaking maniac.

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Andy, sorry for the off-topic. I was wanting to submit a question for the RHONYC Reunion Show but couldn't find a link.

I would really, really like to know why, whenever Jill and Ramona have a confrontation, (case in point Jennifer's get-together where Jill is chastising Ramona for not calling to tell her that Bethenny's father was dying) Jill gets this mad dog expression on her face. I have noticed this more than once, and it only seems to happen when Ramona is her target. Out of all the women on the show, and all the in-fighting that goes down, she seems to have major contempt for Ramona. What gives?


Hi Andy,

I have a dilemma. While I enjoy learning something new, such as Jewish lingo, at the same time I am annoyed and feel slighted that 'you guys' use so much Jewish lingo that many, many folks are not familiar with. We don't all live in New York or south Florida, you know.

We speak English (or American,ha). We all use the occasional Hebrew word that is commonplace, but come on! You take it to the extreme; it's a bit too much. This is not Jewish TV. Give it a rest. Even once I know what they mean, it's too exclusionary; not cool.



As a NYer, I absolutely love and look forward to your cab stories. They are dead on and hilarious.

I also wanted to say how much I LOVE 9 by Design. I hope Bravo lets it stay on the air. While I love my Houseives, 9 by Design is a great alternative for your viewer.

As with Top Chef, it's super interesting, I actually learn something and overall, I just love the family/business dynamic woven into the show.

Thanks again for making me laugh each blog!

Mary Lou
Mary Lou

Hey Andy,

You're so funny!!! Love ya lots. ML