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Andy Cohen celebrates the Jewish New Year with Tabatha Coffey.

on Oct 1, 20080

It's two hours of power tonight with a new "Runway"/"Top Design" stack starting at 9 P EST.

Put your 'pooter on your lap and log onto the After-show at 10 P EST. We've got Daniel V, a special guest, and someone from this season that will knock you out. Wasn't Anthony a good sport on yesterday's blog?

Last night I celebrated the Jewish New Year with Tabatha Coffey, Rene Fris and a gaggle of gays at Beige at B Bar. I hadn't been in forever and it was great to be back. That place is always packed and it is packed with a lot of people you don't really see anywhere else.

To say that the gays love Tabs is an understatement of epic proportion, kinda like saying America is screwed right now. She was like the People's Princess last night. I've not seen anything like it.

I was so happy to hear her report that the salons she's taken over have mainly undergone massive transformations for the better. She even got a Thank You video from that insane asylum on Long Island she transformed a few weeks ago. Remember the gal with the two-tone hair who called Princess Tabatha "Hitler"? She's front and center on the video sending smooches a la Eva Braun. Now she loves Tabs! Whaaaa?