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Andy wakes up to a snooty neighbor, the sight of Thom Browne, thoughts of Ricki Lake and flashbacks of a wild party.

on May 9, 2007

I keep seeing pictures in the paper of all the people who were at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Ball who I never saw once. It was an even more insane combination of hoohoos than I'd originally suspected. It's always fun to read about a party you were at and find out everything you missed. Chestica Suckson was apparently there and I guess I didn't recognize her because from the pictures I've seen she was dressed as a clown. That's cute! When I saw a picture of Cameron Diaz I had a horrible flashback of walking up to her and -- thinking she was a friend of mine -- putting my hands on her shoulders to say "hey." When she turned around I sputtered. She was cool as could be though.

I do that all the time, meaning I put my hands on the wrong person -- not on Cameron Diaz. I made a running tackle of some guy in the BU Library who I was sure was my roommate. It wasn't. One has to be sure of these things before going for the tackle, but I guess one never learns. One never tires, though, of referring to oneself as "one" in a bloglike atmosphere, does one? (It does not hurt that one has an audience of one.)

Some ladies at my table reported that the powder room was a two-in-a-stall-snort-a-thon, which always sheds new light on a party. Plus there's no better party favor than lickin' your finger, wipin' the floor and coming up with a teeth-numbing handful of model food that one won't find in many other gift bags around town. One just won't! And if one does, one will probably get arrested. I was happy to see no one among all the next day photos that I wish I'd seen in person. That list would include Oprah, Susan Lucci, Marie Osmond, and Madonna.