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on Oct 10, 2006

Yesterday, at a craft service table on a soundstage in LA, Bravo's Torrey Bell reported to me that an Andy's Blog reader asked him at a party if I actually DO anything at Bravo but write this blog. I wish it was the first time I'd heard this question, but I am going to break some big news today. I am here to report that I actually do have a day job at Bravo. I am SVP of Production and Programming at this joint and that actually engages me way more than this crafty little blog does. So what could I possibly do all day, you wonder?

I watch rough cuts of most every show that we make for the channel. Producers send us three rough cuts (sometimes more) of each episode of every show that we watch and comment on before it hits the air. While watching, I write editorial notes about what I think about the cuts. The notes consist of things I didn't understand ("What did Kayne mutter when he left the room?") to stuff that doesn't make sense ("Why are Jo and Slade doing...."). And on and on. You can't complain about watching TV shows, but sometimes it can be overwhelming.

This weekend I watched "Real Housewives" episodes 201 v2 and 202 v1, "Top Chef" 203 v3, and '"Runway" 314 v2. I talk to Bravo lawyers about show rules and talent deals and scary stuff. I talk to our ad sales people about product integrations within shows and our great, superior sponsors. I talk to scheduling about when our shows will air and they tell us when we need to have them ready. The marketing team tells us how they will sell our shows and the PR ladies do, too. (For some reason everyone in PR at Bravo is a lady.)