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Andy surprises mom and comments on Guitar Hero, Big Brother and Provel cheese.

on Feb 19, 2008

Well I spent my long weekend in St. Louis where I surprised me Mum on her birthday with my presence. My presence, as they say, was my present. Here's what I learned in St. Louis:

St. Louis is Ga-Ga for Patti "The Millionaire Matchmaker" Stanger! I cannot tell you how many people asked me about her and whether she is "for real". She, like all our other kings and queens of Bravo Docuseries, is very much for real. And guess what, St. Loo: there's a new episode of her show on tonight. Hollah!

My nephew taught me how to play Guitar Hero, the video game that swept the country long enough ago for there to have been a hilarious "South Park" episode about it last fall. What I learned is that Guitar Hero is very very hard. And, like "South Park" intoned, it really is sad that kids would rather play guitar hero than actually learn to play a flippin' guitar!

I learned that the "moxie" DVR system available on Charter Cable in the Midwest seems a little bit more technically up to date than my Time Warner DVR. But I think Time Warner's voting options rule!