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on Jan 31, 2006

MIKE G in St. Louis speaks for the entire midwest when he says he's mad about:

- 8 TRACKS!: With quadraphonic sound...sounds like the music is all over.

- "QUINCY ME: SEASON 3": He solves a murder that everybody thought was natural causes! -

MULLETS: What goes around, comes around, and we think what's coming around is the mullet. -

MIDWESTERN SUPERSTORES: Guns, ammo, and lots and lots of ammonia and Sudafed all under one roof...that flat expansive roof we call Wal Mart.

- PROJECT RUNWAY REUNION: Zulema takes on Wendy Pepper in a slap fight after Zulema fesses up that she doodled on the picture.

- DIANA ROSS: Andy, I'm with you on the original Lady Di. If she still has the pipes, and can share the stage with others who have talent, it would be a thing of beauty.

I don't know where ADJOA is from, but I think it's somewhere that breeds obsessed pop culture lovers!

- PROJECT RUNWAY: I live, love, breathe the show and I can't miss a single episode. When I'm not home I call several times to make sure he tapes it (He loves it too). It's something about watching those designers create beautiful and not-so-beautiful pieces under tense conditions. Plus, Tim Gunn is a delight to watch.

- BLOGS ABOUT CELEBRITIES: No matter how embarrassing it is too admit, I love to hear about what they are wearing, what they are doing, and who they are screwing (even if it may not be true). I obsessively read like six blogs a day, from,,, I could go on and on and on....

- US Weekly: I love when it arrives. It is always a juicy read, plus who can resist the section "Stars they're just like US!"

- CENTURY 21: It is like a haven for finding designer duds for discount prices, for those of us who aren't a rich socialite but want to look like one. I got all my lovable Michael Kors bags from there.