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on Jan 31, 2006

Can you believe there are two people named MARTY reading Andy's Blog?

MARTY #2 says: - ROTTENTOMATOES.COM: It's my favorite website. It gives me the lowdown on all the films out there and since it contains the universe of opinions it is inherently unbiased.... -

Groovy JIM is obsessed with cartoons!

- ADULT SWIM: It's on the cartoon network. From the twisted version of the old Davey and Goliath cartoons recreated as Moral Orel to the rantings of Lois on the Family Guy I am hooked. I even got to love Futurama (finally!). It's twisted and funny as hell.

Thankfully, Smell-A is in the house in the form of DIANE:

- BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN: I went all by myself and reluctantly because I did not think it would hold my interest all the way thru. But I love Ang Lee and would not miss one of his movies. I left the theater transformed. I mean it. What a great movie.

Let's save the best for last and check in with New York City's own ERIN: - PANDORA.COM: It's a virtual jukebox that works like this: you type in an artist or album that you like, it isolates elements of that song (like acoustic instrumentation, vocal harmony, or "danceable grooves") and it then plays other songs it thinks you'll like based on that. It's an amazing way to discover new music that's perfectly suited to your tastes- and it's free!