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Andy addresses some of your concerns about Dave's elimination.

on May 22, 2006

Santino who? I have been inundated with emails about Dave's elimination since last week's Top Chef episode by a mob of people at a Santino-level of rage. I say that because I haven't gotten this much response about a show since the flood of anti-Santino emails I got (and still do) during Runway. The interesting thing about those emails was that everyone's rage at the designer not being eliminated turned to rage about his not winning the entire contest. You have such passion for Dave, for the show, and for Tiffani (good and bad) that I want to share some of your emails and try to respond.

JEANNETTE signs her email "REALLY TROUBLED" and says: "I can't believe that they eliminated Dave! What were they thinking? He won a challenge and Tiffany did not! HELLO! He almost won two challenges! Was this rigged? IS THIS ALL FOR TV? I don't even know if I want to watch next season!"

No, Jeannette, it was not rigged. I was there in Vegas and it was the judges' decision.

STEVE says: "That was chickenshit to dump Dave -- he obviously did better than Tiffani. And you guys only kept her because people hate her and it makes better TV. Blah. I won't be watching the last episode ... it's going to suck. Steve, San Diego. And pissed." OK Steve, I am sorry we pissed you off. The last episode does not suck at all -- I just watched it. But I actually love your email because you use the term "chickenshit" and I think it's about time we bring that back. I promise you that we did not keep Tiffani because "people hate her and it makes better TV."

I think the show is good TV with or without any one of our chefs -- and the judges do, too, which is why they go with their gut.