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Andy addresses some of your concerns about Dave's elimination.

on May 22, 2006

DALE AND MEGAN say: "The only explanation that I can see where Tiffani moves on is that your production team knows that a hero and villain make for better TV. Regardless of Dave's mistake, Tiffani got a pass after losing all three meals in the Quickfire challenge. Not only did she lose, she came in last in all three. My whole family and entire office watches Top Chef. I am afraid that you made a bad decision. Top Chef is about ratings and not about a true competition. If it was, Dave would have moved on. All of us have just lost confidence in this show. We watch all season to have the Top Chef production team really change the outcome of this show. We don't even like Dave that much, but he deserved to move on."

OK, OK, I have to put this to BED and play devil's advocate with all y'all. If we were fixing the show -- REALLY only focusing on what makes good TV, as you accuse -- wouldn't we have kept Dave in the show and had him WIN? Isn't he the underdog of the whole damn show? Have you seen ROCKY? THAT would've been good TV. What a payoff watching his journey and seeing him come out on top! Better yet, how great would it have been to see Stephen and Dave in the finals, with Dave winning! Now that's good TV! I really wish that we thought this out as much as fans accuse us of. We did not know the extreme level of contempt that Tiffani's fellow chefs had for her until we taped the reunion show, which was weeks AFTER the finale. We knew that people were reacting to Stephen as a villian on the show, but I think that people have really flared up one way or another towards Tiffani in the last few weeks. If it were fixed maybe we would've kept Ken -- who was great TV from the very beginning, and who reviewers blasted us for losing because he was such great TV! OK, now I am really thinking about it and if we were fixing the whole show wouldn't Lee Anne still be in the competition? People were not happy to see her go, either. I dunno, there's a million ways to look at it but the judges decide.