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Andy addresses some of your concerns about Dave's elimination.

on May 22, 2006

STEPHANIE from NEW MILFORD, CONNECTICUT is mad at me for something else! "I am so terribly disappointed in your comments to Dave about the statement "I am not your Bitch, Bitch." To call a woman a bitch in a professional setting, in front of supervisors no less, is unacceptable. I am sad to see you would celebrate and encourage such obvious misogyny. To thank Dave for a sexist attitude is truly a disservice to the women who watch Bravo and truly dangerous. I would have hoped for a more progressive attitude. It will color my opinion of your network."

OK Stephanie, I'm sorry. It was such a great line at that moment and I took in "fun." I think BRAVO is pretty progressive when you consider it, especially vs almost every other channel on cable! I don't think Dave is sexist, I think he was just pissed off at Tiffani. But I guess if Tiffani said, "I'm not your faggot, Faggot!" I wouldn't be putting it on a T-shirt and thanking her for saying that, so if you think the word bitch=faggot then I=sorry.

While we are completely off topic, CECILIA writes: "Just being nosy -- is Harold dating Tiffani or does he just like her for a friend?"

Um, Cecilia, is there something I do not know? I never picked up on anything between Harold and Tiffani -- but I am intrigued!

LAURETTE in Pennsylvania is so mad that she can barely see straight. I am only printing parts of her letter because it is long. "If you are a program exec...too bad. The results of last night's Top Chef only proved that you and your other 'classmates' have no idea what the public really wants to watch... an honest contest. Sorry Tiffani isn't Omarosa or whatever her name is...if you think she will bring you ratings??? Don't bother... your bald judge should hide his personal feelings for Tiffani...they have shown throughout......too bad. You and your other execs and the producers of the show have no honor....And no, I am not afraid to say who I am...I do have honor..."

OK Laurette, you have honor and BRAVO does not. But we did let the judges decide and that's their decision. I love Dave, too!