Miley Cyrus tattoos the inside of her ear

on Jun 18, 20100

Miley Cyrus has been showing off what looks like a new tattoo of the word “Love” inside her ear. Since she’s only 17, that means one of her parents would have had to have given her permission to get inked. HERE’S WHAT: It must be hard to always have your parents kissing your ass and trying to get a raise.


In defense of the parents, there are other ways to get tatoos these days. People have what are called "tat parties" where a tatoo artist makes a house visit and tatoo whomever chooses to pay for it, and as far as I know no id required(that's one reason why it's held at someones home). I've seen kids come home with piercings only difference is parents can make them remove those once they've seen them.