Viola Davis Spills the Tea on Honeymooning at George Clooney's Italian Villa

The Suicide Squad star dishes on how to score an invite to famed Lake Como home.

As the legend goes, Suicide Squad star Viola Davis spent her honeymoon at George Clooney's Lake Como villa shortly after marrying fellow actor Julius Tennon in 2003. And no she didn't book the Italian estate through Airbnb — turns out she had a more direct route to snagging the pad.

"I asked him. You know what? That's a lie. I told him that I was engaged and he offered it to me," she recalled in Watch What Happens Live during her appearance on Thursday. "He said, 'And I'm not one of those Hollywood types who offers something and then takes it back. You can come whenever you want.' And we were the only ones in the 22-room villa. And we took the biggest room in the house."

Clooney's Lake Como home aka Viola's honeymoon spot

And as a thank you to the Oscar-winning actor, she got him quite a special gift. "That was our thing. What do we get for a gift? And we're cheap. No, seriously, we are cheap. I got him like this aluminum, oh god this is so embrassing, this alumnium jazz figurette from New Orleans. And we said thank you, you know?" she shared. (BTW, her gift clearly amused her Suicide Squad co-star Joel Kinnaman who basically did a spit take when he heard her describe that, well, unique "thank you" present.)

"No, listen. Don't judge me," she added of the token gift — adding that the stately manse is an 18th-century villa with frescoes. (NBD.)  "He told us not to give him anything and we listened to him."

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