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Exclusive Interview!

Andy Cohen answers questions...about himself.

I couldn't find anyone to interview today, so I thought I would chat up the often-compelling Andy Cohen.

Q: Andy, what the hell are you doing right at this minute in Los Angeles?
A: Well, thanks for asking you cheeky cherub! I am in LA on the set of a brand new Bravo reality competition show that will debut in '07.

Q: Tell us, have you had any celeb sightings during your stay?
A: There is an 8" or 9" foot tall Asian guy in my hotel who I think must be a basketball star. And I saw Matthew Broderick. And Dan Ackroyd. But not together.

Q: What hotspots did you visit while you were in LA?
A: Hmmm. Hotspots? I don't know. Like, did I meet Jessica Simpson at Cain and do blowcaine with La Lohan in the bathroom of the Ivy? No.

Q: Leave those dear girls alone. Well, where DID you go smartface?
A: People in LA wind up having a lot of drinks at a lot of hotels. So I was at the Four Seasons, the Chateau, the Sunset Tower, and maybe that's it.

Q: And did you see a lot of whores in those hotel lobbys and bars?
A: I actually did NOT. I looked and looked but saw no whores. My friend at the Four Seasons told me that there are Eastern Bloc Lady Whores at the Peninsula, though.

Q: Actually, a friend told ME that the Four Seasons is called the WHORE Seasons for obvious reasons.
A: You have really sick friends. There weren't any there and I am not talking about this anymore.

Q: OK. Andy, many people have posted on your blog wondering what you think of Keith Michael's rant on Blogging Project Runway.
A: Yes, I have seen those posts. I think that Keith has his own POV about what happened on the show. And I think he is pissed. That's pretty much some of what I think.

Q: OK, well that isn't exactly enlightening. Let's talk about Laura and Jeffrey.
A: You know what, hickory stick, I am not going to take any more questions about "Project Runway" right now because you are starting to bug me.

Q: Well, why did you interview yourself for this blog? You are an idiot, did you ever realize that?
A: It is almost 3 in the morning in LA and I am still on the set of our new reality show and I am punchy and irritated and coming down with a cough and sore throat so I don't care if you think I am an idiot.

Q: Do you realize that last week Michael Rucker interviewed himself using your questions from an old interview that you did with Michael Knight? You are ripping him off, aren't you?
A: Actually, you moron, I am ripping off Amy Sedaris. She interviewed herself last year, I think in a magazine called Index.

Q. Andy, you are an insufferable name dropper. And you can't spell.
A: You know what, Andy? I don't force you to read my blog so I don't need to hear your smacktalk.

Q: Um, you are me and I am you so yeah, I think you actually do force me to not only read it but write it.
A: You are not making a lick of sense. Ask me something that people would want to know.

Q: Andy, many people are wondering how you will be spending the weekend.
A: Thank you for asking, Andy. I will be going to St. Louis for my 20th high school reunion! Go Greyhounds!

Q: You are lame, Andy; but there is something winning about your small mind. And will you be blogging about your reunion?
A: Perhaps.

Q: Here's hoping. Are there any old flames that you are looking forward to seeing?
A: Not particularly. I took a different girl to every dance and prom we had and, in terms of action, they were dates fit for a mormon.

Q: Speaking of mormons, how do you like your new supershort haircut?
A: Hey! How did you know that I got a supershort haircut!?

Q: I AM YOU, idiot!
A: OK, you aren't making sense again. Can you ask me about Madonna?

Q: Of course. What do you think about her adorable new adopted boy from Malawi?
A: I think it is perfectly grand that she adopted a darling boy from Malawai and that hateful Andrea Peyser from the Post should shut her face for once and for all. Her column was so mean!

Q: I hate it when you get political.
A: I hate your apathy.

Q: If I turned your iPod on right now, what song would come up? A: I believe that a song from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon is going right now. I listened to that before bed last night. I turned on someone's iPod on the set today and they were listening to Toto! Isn't that lame!?

Q: Oh Andy, you are hilarious! I could spend all day with you. This joke was old ten minutes ago. Why are you keeping it up?
A. Because I am so irritated that this shoot is going so long and that I am getting sick that I am taking cold comfort in thumbing my Blackberry.

Q. Would you consider being my longterm lover?
A: Yes. I love you.

Q: Me too. Thanks for the scoop. This is better than the Santino interview.
A: OK, I need to go back to the set now. It is very late. I have really enjoyed my time with you.

Q: Me too. When will we speak again?
A: How about first thing to-morry! Ciao!

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Ask, Believe, Receive A Kiss From Andy

WWHL’s Research PA dishes on one seriously unique work week.

Hey guys! My name is Laura and I’m a Research Production Assistant here at WWHL. For the first 3 seasons on this unbeweavable show, I was the permanently glittered hands crafting the crazy fun props and prizes gifted to the guests. You name it, I’ve bedazzled it! (No but seriously: pacifier, pickle, ‘fro pick, condoms, whip, hookah, mannequin leg...the list goes on!) This past season, I closed down my crafting corner and now I have the pleasure of helping Megan, Christie, and Lindsey with research and interactive. Every night, I get to read all of your amazing questions for our guests and help make sure that Andy’s got a stellar selection on his cards. But who cares about me?! On to this crazy week of shows!

Sunday: Kim and Reza did NOT disappoint.  They served up some wig wearin’, stache sportin’, truth tellin’ realness.  Kim rocked “The Farrah” like only she can, not to be outdone by Reza’s gloriously quaffed upper lip.  I swear that man’s mustache is the 8th wonder of the world...

There’s something so refreshing about two guests truly unafraid to tell it like it is and it makes for great TV.  Reza musta had Santa on the brain ‘cause he couldn’t keep from dropping those Ho, Ho, Hos! And say what you will about Kim, but that lady just wants to be home with her hot hubby and you can’t hate a ho for that!  

Monday: Let’s be real for a second: I’m 23 and I’m not even gonna PRETEND to be ashamed that I used to drink up every drama filled minute of Laguna Beach and The Hills. So of course I was LIVING for Kristin Cavallari’s confession that it was a big pile of producer induced drama. Shocking? Eh, not really. Exhilarating for the teen in me? Abso-freaking-lutely. There’s no shame in my game, hunny!

Taylor Armstrong was on her absolute A-game and she totally wins for my favorite one liner of the week: “The only thing uglier than a drunk woman is a drunk woman’s 40-yr-old ass flying through the air!” And please let us not forget the arm wrestling. Oh my word, the arm wrestling.  


Tuesday: Truly, there are no words for the amazingness that was the luscious lipped Lisa Rinna and Jeff Lewis and therefore I simply gift you with this kisstacular clip:

You’re welcome. 

Wednesday: I really think that one of the things that is so unique about WWHL is our unexpected guest combos. You never know who will end up in those chairs!  So when I saw ‘Carmen Electra and Billy Ray Cyrus’ on the calendar, my achy breaky heart skipped an achy breaky beat.

When Carmen slinked into the studio I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. Does that woman age?! She was KILLIN’ it all night long complete with sex appeal and sock bun. I admit I was bummed when Billy Ray plead the fifth on the Miley Ex-BF question. I mean really, who wasn’t hoping for a little juice on a JoBro?! But fear not! Carmen saved the day (and all the imaginary swimmers) by teaching Andy and Billy to patrol the beach, slow mo style!


Thursday: Apparently agelessness is going around because Jane Fonda looks SPECTACULAR. She and Sandra paired up for the perfect storm of hilarity and the show ended with my favorite new holiday tradition: Secret Sandra! 

And may I just add that the legendary, Oscar winning, fitness flaunting Miss Fonda went home wearing a menorah hat? So yeah, my life is complete. 


Love and Light ;)



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