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Great TV

Andy Cohen wants Full Release Massages for everybody.

I am more scattered than usual this morning because of Bravo's big news - NINE EMMY NOMINATIONS! That includes nominations for "Top Chef" and "Project Runway" for Outstanding Reality Competition Program and Kathy Griffin's "Life on the D List" for Best Reality Program. "Inside the Actors Studio" got its 13th nomination for Outstanding Nonfiction Series. Whaaaaaayt!? And... Wowza!!!!!!

There's a great vibe in the office today. Everybody's smiling. The Magical Elves are having a party in their office today. I know that Picture This Productions must be chillaxin' by some pool eating bon bons with Kathy Griffin. Hopefully Jim Lipton is sipping fine whiskey somewhere. We had great emails this morning from Michael Kor's office and Padma and Gail and on and on. It is nice to have something to cheer about. Full Release Massages for everybody!

And ain't it funny that last night I watched hours and hours of television. So much that my eyeballs are hazy today. I saw Ep 104 of my new favorite Bravo show, "Flipping Out" and a new cut of Ep 101 of my other favorite, "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style". I am so excited for these shows to go out to y'all!

When I was done with work, I hit the DVR to finally watch "The BET Awards"... WOW. I know this happened weeks ago, but I certainly would've blogged then about the Jennifer Hudson/Jennifer Holiday duet of "the song". It was a full-body goosebump moment. The other whomper-stomper moment of the night was Diana Ross' Lifetime Achievement Award. There were performances from Erykah Badu ("Love Hangover"), Chaka Kahn ("I'm Comin' Out") and Stevie Freaking Wonder ("Upside Down"), but it was Ms. Ross' speech that truly blew me away.

The Boss thanked Berry Gordy, and said he doesn't get enough respect. She said that when you honor Ross, you honor Motown. Say Amen! She then went on to thank "all the Supremes. All of them" and gave a special shout out to Mary Wilson! This was BIG, peoples. If you don't know why, then let's have a chat offline. She ended by telling all the other performers in the audience that they don't have to use the F word and bump and grind - that they could walk tall and act like ladies and gentlemen. It was a "moment". And I LOVED IT. Get your acts together, youth of today! Follow the example of THE BOSS.

I made the mistake of jumping into "Big Brother 8" around midnight. I decided to jump into the series and start 3 episodes back. Well... I was up until 2 catching up and, simply put, you simply cannot believe what is going on in the "Big Brother 8" house!! It is a festival of white trash and amazing reality characters. There is more drama 2 weeks into that series than there was all during last season's "All Stars". I am counting the minutes until tonight's live elimination.

Have a great day.

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