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Magic, Madonna, And The Roxy

Madonna playing at the Roxy? Andy lays the rumor to rest.

Friday night I did something as unlikely as my going to a Jessica Simpson concert. I went to a magic show. That's right, a magic show. I hate magic shows, and magic in general (unless performed by Doug Henning or anyone in a unitard). But this was a very happy and unusual experience. There's a magician called Stephen Cohen who apparently has been performing his show "Chamber Magic: A Demonstration of Modern Conjuring" in a suite in the Waldorf Towers every Friday for seven years. Or nine years.

The scene is about 50 disparate people gathered on fancy chairs in a fancy room watching a man in tails completely mesmerize them with mindreading, ridiculously impossible card hijinx, and some tricks that were passed onto his uncle by Houdini himself. It feels like you're at the after-dinner portion of a dinner party in some grand lady's parlor, which is exactly the vibe he's going for. It is only a little over an hour, 55 bucks a ticket, and better than most off-broadway shows currently in rotation. I loved it. It made me really happy and felt very old school. I don't mean Madonna "Like a Prayer" old school, I mean turn of the century old school.

Speaking of old school Madonna, I flew to LA on Saturday and when I landed and clicked my phone on, it was a-buzzin' with messages conveying early evening buzz from NYC. Saturday evening, you see, marked the end of a Manhattan nightlife era as it was closing night of the famed mega club the Roxy. I moved to the city in 1990, around the time the club became a Saturday night gay-hive. I'd say that I've lived through 50 Saturdays over the years that have been swept up in rumors that "Madonna's performing at the Roxy tonight!!" There were so many Saturdays that this rumor would fly around that it became a big fat joke with Graciela and I. But sometimes that damn rumor came true. I think M showed up and did a couple numbers at the Roxy a total of maybe five times over the years. I never saw it happen. (There were also occasional Cher or J-Lo or Whitney rumors, that wound up being actual truths. But M is the holy grail of RoxyRumor....)

So it was fitting and humorous when I landed in LA on Saturday to a message from my pal Troy saying that he'd heard that Madonna AND Beyonce were going to be there when the curtain came down on the Roxy. I got crazy, in that way I did every time I heard that rumor, thinking that maybe, just maybe, it was true. Hadn't I seen on the cover of the freaking Post on that very day that Madonna was in town, shopping for UES townhouses?? And maybe I should do all I could to get my shit together and get on a plane in the opposite direction and get to the Roxy by 1:30ish to catch whatever was or wasn't going to happen.

I called Graciela, as I always did, to pass the rumor on. Just so she knew too. When I called Troy to discuss the roots of the rumor, he brought me down to earth. "Watch it be just Cashetta or someone like that performing," he clucked. (Cashetta is a random drag queen.) I told Bruce and anybody else I could reach to tell them the big newsrumor and doubledare them to go see for themselves since I couldn't. Bruce is in LA too so he and I were both basically in purgatory.

I woke up Sunday in the weird LA SpringForwardNess to NO messages reporting a Madonna Roxy moment. I looked online. There were all the rumors on various sites detailing that she DEFINITELY was making an appearance. And then that security concerns had made it impossible. And then that she actually had left for London early Saturday morning. I experience the same thing I had many Sunday mornings when I discovered that she didn't show. Relief. I wasn't there, so why should she be. I will miss the Roxy even though I haven't been there in five years. At least. I liked knowing it was there though -- and that Madonna might be there.

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Ask, Believe, Receive A Kiss From Andy

WWHL’s Research PA dishes on one seriously unique work week.

Hey guys! My name is Laura and I’m a Research Production Assistant here at WWHL. For the first 3 seasons on this unbeweavable show, I was the permanently glittered hands crafting the crazy fun props and prizes gifted to the guests. You name it, I’ve bedazzled it! (No but seriously: pacifier, pickle, ‘fro pick, condoms, whip, hookah, mannequin leg...the list goes on!) This past season, I closed down my crafting corner and now I have the pleasure of helping Megan, Christie, and Lindsey with research and interactive. Every night, I get to read all of your amazing questions for our guests and help make sure that Andy’s got a stellar selection on his cards. But who cares about me?! On to this crazy week of shows!

Sunday: Kim and Reza did NOT disappoint.  They served up some wig wearin’, stache sportin’, truth tellin’ realness.  Kim rocked “The Farrah” like only she can, not to be outdone by Reza’s gloriously quaffed upper lip.  I swear that man’s mustache is the 8th wonder of the world...

There’s something so refreshing about two guests truly unafraid to tell it like it is and it makes for great TV.  Reza musta had Santa on the brain ‘cause he couldn’t keep from dropping those Ho, Ho, Hos! And say what you will about Kim, but that lady just wants to be home with her hot hubby and you can’t hate a ho for that!  

Monday: Let’s be real for a second: I’m 23 and I’m not even gonna PRETEND to be ashamed that I used to drink up every drama filled minute of Laguna Beach and The Hills. So of course I was LIVING for Kristin Cavallari’s confession that it was a big pile of producer induced drama. Shocking? Eh, not really. Exhilarating for the teen in me? Abso-freaking-lutely. There’s no shame in my game, hunny!

Taylor Armstrong was on her absolute A-game and she totally wins for my favorite one liner of the week: “The only thing uglier than a drunk woman is a drunk woman’s 40-yr-old ass flying through the air!” And please let us not forget the arm wrestling. Oh my word, the arm wrestling.  


Tuesday: Truly, there are no words for the amazingness that was the luscious lipped Lisa Rinna and Jeff Lewis and therefore I simply gift you with this kisstacular clip:

You’re welcome. 

Wednesday: I really think that one of the things that is so unique about WWHL is our unexpected guest combos. You never know who will end up in those chairs!  So when I saw ‘Carmen Electra and Billy Ray Cyrus’ on the calendar, my achy breaky heart skipped an achy breaky beat.

When Carmen slinked into the studio I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. Does that woman age?! She was KILLIN’ it all night long complete with sex appeal and sock bun. I admit I was bummed when Billy Ray plead the fifth on the Miley Ex-BF question. I mean really, who wasn’t hoping for a little juice on a JoBro?! But fear not! Carmen saved the day (and all the imaginary swimmers) by teaching Andy and Billy to patrol the beach, slow mo style!


Thursday: Apparently agelessness is going around because Jane Fonda looks SPECTACULAR. She and Sandra paired up for the perfect storm of hilarity and the show ended with my favorite new holiday tradition: Secret Sandra! 

And may I just add that the legendary, Oscar winning, fitness flaunting Miss Fonda went home wearing a menorah hat? So yeah, my life is complete. 


Love and Light ;)



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