On The Train...

Andy Cohen believes in Britney, Brandy, and Christmas.


I am waiting for the train... Do you want to tell me that Gail wasn't adorable last night? If she weren't taken already I might have to jump the fence for her. But, oh man, that fence is really freakin' high. There's no way I'll get over it. Anyway, she's cute. Have you checked out "After the Knife"? It's bravotv.com's original series following the eliminated chefs being reunited with the other goners in what we call "the sequester house". It's fun to see, and you can watch it HERE !

Oh and while we're plugging fun stuff, you can create personalized Bravo holiday E-cards HERE and set up some insanely fun (email and phone) customized voice greetings from bravolebrities HERE! They are ridiculous and fun and I recorded one so make me proud and torment someone with an Andy Cohen robo-call today! My boss sent me one on my cell phone yesterday and someone else sent me a REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NYC greeting that almost made me piss my pants, in a good way.

Speaking of HOUSEWIVES, Anderson and Kelly Ripa went deep about the Atlanta ladies again this morning. I love that.

And speaking of Kelly, last night I showed her the picture I took of her defaced photo in the subway. The fact that someone gave her a bouffant kills me, and shows me that even graffiti vandals love them some Kelly Ripa. I think the bouffant is very "Mad Men" and she laughingly said it is more reminiscent of Phoebe Tyler Wallingford. And Mark said something even funnier and I am racking my pea-brain trying to remember what it was...

And so this morning I am on the F platform and noticing that someone has added to the advert. Now there's a lil graffiti funflair to go along with the bouffant on the ad. Fun! What will they think of next?!? (My bet is some sort of phallus coming off Regis' face, but that's just a layman's guess.)

I watched the Globes Noms on the treadmill this morning and got a wee bit bored. Just remember that the Hollywood Foreign Press is a buffet and gift bag-loving group of non-journos who have no credibility anywhere but somehow have the entire Hollywood community by the balls. ALLEGEDLY.

I got very very very distracted away from the noms by the "Womanizer" video. It couldn't be better. (I know I am very very very behind on this.) And I can't stop with the Brandy song. It is so good and there's also a new ballad that's pretty good. But I ran into a dude who works for her record label at the gym who told me he thinks the album (which is getting raves) is toast. Not gonna sell.

Naysayer! I believe in Brandy! And Christmas! Ok, my train is pulling into 30 Rock have a good day.

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