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St. Louis Blues

Andy Cohen talks about his time in "The Lou."

I have the blues because I'm leaving St. Louis this morning, and while I am happy to be heading home to NYC I would be even more excited to go rip it up in New Orleans and celebrate the Saints and that great city. Mazel to NOLA. That was a fun game last night.

I got NO sleep because Peyton-freaking-crybaby-Manning would NOT STOP texting and calling wanting a shoulder to cry on. And I talked him through it and stuff but I mean, where are you when I'M upset, Peyton??? It just seems really super one-way to me sometimes and I don't know where this is going. Sorry, I know this is a total nonsequitor but you're my friends, right? I had to vent.

I was bummed when I found out that Carrie Underwood was singing the anthem because that (and the halftime show) is one of my fave parts of the "game." I don't have hate for her I just don't particularly give a crap one way or another. And I thought she botched the last note. Am I alone in that assesment? I was transfixed by the Who's light show and by Who-stalgia, so I forgave the fact that they were looking pretty old up there. I dug it — what can I say. (I tweeted as such and just about got myself run off of Twitter.)

Tonight I am definitely staying up for a new episode of Kell on Earth. What happens is kind of shocking. How'd you feel about Tan Andrew offering Skinner an Adavan last week? (One of my fave moments...)

I had a great, busy time in St. Louis. On Saturday night I hosted the Red Gala for Doorways, a charity that provides housing for people with AIDS. We raised lots of money (50K on the auction alone) and had tons o' fun. We were at a hotel in the shadow of the Arch so good vibes surrounded us. That's how it works in "The Lou."

Incidentally, people in St. Louis have recently seemed to take to calling their town "The Lou." I have just noticed it in the last couple years and I think it is a fairly solid nickname but am wondering if it is crossing anyone's mind that a "loo" is common slang in the UK and in parts of this country for a toilet. It would be a shame for people to refer to their town as a toilet, and having visited toilets worldwide, I can faithfully report that St. Louis is not in the toilet family.

I am still psyched about our show with Ricki Lake and RuPaul last week. I thought it was one of our best. The after-show was hopping. Take a look at our convo:


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