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Super Bowl Sunday!

Andy talks football, celeb confessions, and DVF.

I've suffered from low-grade Super Bowl fatigue in the years following Diana Ross' halftime show when she departed the field in a helicopter singing "I Will Survive." I just couldn't imagine how any performer (or game) could possibly top La Spectacle de la Ross. A couple years passed and I had a Super Bowl party and invited a bunch of people. I ordered a five-foot hero sandwich and 2 dozen cupcakes from Amy Sedaris. Only eight people showed up and I don't think we finished a foot of the (disgusting) hero. Amy pointed at the hero and laughed, and then pointed at me and laughed a lot that night. Two years ago we all saw Janet's nipple, and are all still paying for it in little ways. (If you ask me all the drama was not worth the voyeuristic half-second of teet.)

So yesterday I had a purposefully non-bowl, but quite super Sunday. I started the morning as I do most other Sundays, at the NYC dining institution Florent. I was enchanted by the New York Times Sunday Styles section, mainly for Lois Smith Brady's Vows column. Yesterday Lois wrote about a wonderful lesbian couple that found love on the Internet. The picture of two smiling wedding- dressed Jewish ladies gazing at each other at first tickled me and then their story melted my hard heart. One bride is a doctor and the other writes cookbooks devoted to food made entirely in bowls! Both love sheepdogs and jeans! They recited their own vows as Michael Jackson's "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" played in the background! It was sweet.

The Style Section also featured the breaking news that celebrities confide in their hair personnel. Hairdressers are the new receptacles of celeb confessions? I couldn't wait to rush home to see if CNN had picked up the story, but was transfixed by the accompanying photograph of Jessica Simpson and her confidant/bf/ hairdresser, Ken Paves. My hard heart returned enraged. I have seen more photos of Mr. Paves in the last several months than I care to! Please free me of this man. No more Ken Paves!

I think that Ms. Simpson might think twice before confiding in Mr. Paves in the future. I HAPPENED to be glancing at US WEEKLY a few months ago and they attribute Jen's bee-stung and allegedly injected pouters to a suggestion made by Mr. Paves that new lips might be considered a vehicle to get over Mr. Lachey.

I went home and vowed to move beyond my troubling fury towards the sight of Mr. Paves. I had so moved on that an hour later I was on the phone with "Blow Out" Hair God Jonathan Antin, who's busy shooting season 3 of his must-see smash BRAVO reality show, and completely forgot to get the scoop on my new nemesis. Darn it.

My DVR was calling me to catch up on Oprah. I still haven't watched the Frying of Frey, but "Oprah's Breakfast Party" featuring Mary J. Blige was oddly engrossing. I thought I'd be fascinated by her hour about "How things work" but after the ten minute explanation of what happens to an email after it's sent, I was spent and less interested in learning about the mechanics of a phone and microwave. Her hour with the Ebersol family talking about their loss was devastating and personal. I felt like I could skip Dave Chappelle as we just taped him for "Inside the Actor's Studio." Oprah's hour with Anderson Cooper was great. She loves Anderson.

From Oprah, I watched the riveting premiere of "Survivor" which absolutely blew me away. Four tribes divided by sex and age + exile island = another Mark Burnett classic! The casting is stellar and I was so disappointed by the elimination of the woman who's son had passed away - I was already looking forward to hearing more of her story. I bet Burnett and his team were bummed to lose her so early.

Soon it was off to the DVF fashion show under the tent in Bryant Park. The theme was "Working Girls." The show was packed to the rafters with fashion royalty from Tim Gunn to Anna Wintour and celebs like working girls Susan Sarandon and Diane Sawyer. The music - "9 to 5" and "She Works Hard for the Money" fit the occasion. And the clothes were fierce. The designer took her curtain call to rapturous applause as Billy Joel's "She's Always a Woman to Me" filled the room.

Where better to spend kickoff on Super Bowl Sunday than at DVF Studio in the West Village where the designer hosted a post-show dinner? The game played on a plasma and some people congregated and watched. The bulk went on with their Sunday air kissing and celebrating fashion. I left early to say hi to the only people I knew watching the game, TV Producer Liza Persky and her girlfriends, who'd gathered to watch at a bar on Christopher Street. (Insert irony here.)

My timing was perfect. I entered just as the Stones went on for their big halftime show. We all thought they were amazing and the girls debated whether they'd sleep with Mick Jagger. I thought that seeing him give such a white-hot performance would make him sexier to the ladies. But after seeing the high-octane show, none wanted to do it with Jagger, but all wanted to see him in concert. Oh well. The ladies reported that Aretha was amazing and that while she is still a big woman, it looked like she'd lost a few pounds. That made me so happy. I want her to be healthy. Who doesn't?

I went home to watch Liza Minelli on "Inside the Actor's Studio" and left the ladies at the bar to watch the rest of the game.

Wish Upon a Giggy

WWHL's Associate Producer reveals her ultimate wish while recapping the wild week that was.

Catfights, Ron Ron Juice, and Lea Black - oh what a week it’s been. 

Tuesday night was filled with the gloriousness of one Ms. Joan Collins. She is classy and spicy and came to our studio clad in a white, sequined blazer. How can you beat that? Answer: you can’t.

Now, the 'Real Housewives' franchise has given us wig pulls, table flips, and year after year of Posche Fashion Show meltdowns. However, I must say, I’ve never seen anything quite as impressive as the Alexis and Krystle fights on 'Dynasty.' The WWHL staff knew that this level of lady-on-lady fighting was screaming for a remix. So, that’s exactly what we did. Check it out…



If I can only be granted one wish from my Giggy in a Bottle, may it be that I am lucky enough to engage in a fight that results in being pushed into a lily pond. *Fingers Crossed*


(P.S. I don’t actually have Giggy in a bottle. Lisa Vanderpump, please don’t have me arrested.)

Wednesday night, we were joined by the ladies of 'Jersey Shore.' I must say, every single member of the 'Jersey Shore' brood is so darn nice. They’re like a modern-day version of 'Full House.'  Think about it, Pauly D is the perfect uncle. He has the same fervor for hair products as Uncle Jesse and the loveable laid back nature of Uncle Joey. Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, is so lucky!

Speaking of fervor, I cannot stress how much our staff loves Ron Ron Juice. No, it’s not that we actively seek it out. However, when our 'Jersey Shore' friends stop by, our awesome Production Assistant, Tori, whips up a few pitchers. After the show is over, the WWHL staff scrambles to get a glass of the slushy beverage. It’s ice-y, it’s watermelon-y and it’s full of booze. A perfect post-show cocktail!

Finally, we ended our week with the fabulous “Mayor of Miami,” Lea Black. I love Lea Black. I love her jewelry, her chuckle, her family and her Galas. Thanks to Amy Phillips and her spot-on impersonation, we had not one, but TWO Lea Blacks for the night!



After the show, Amy and Lea stuck around for a few moments and chatted by my desk.  I can only hope that the two of them will have a Kiki in Miami, and that Elaine Lancaster will be there, and maybe a fight will break out, and maybe someone will get pushed into a lily pond, aaand maybe that person will be me! Dream accomplished! However, I promise we will not splash water on Lisa Hochstein’s speakers and ruin her party.

Check out Lea Black and Amy Phillips playing the role of Lea Black here…

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