Caroline, Albie, Chris, & Lauren Manzo

Season 10 | AIRED: Jun 23 11/10c
  • Mazel- Our own Linnethia Monique Leakes. She’s married again everybody! Last night she and Gregg tied the knot. I dream of NeNe, cheers to the hottest Glama we know. Mazel to you, Silk, I mean NeNe. And congrats to you, Bri'asia!
  • Jakchole- The judges of the world’s Ugliest Dog Contest for clearly crowning the wrong dog. The winner is Walle, a boxer, beagle, basset hound mix - I think that’s cute! When looking at his competition, there is NO way that he is the ugliest, are you kidding? I will say, however, the thought of a boxer banging a basset hound is pretty grotesque or maybe kinda hot.


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