Jacqueline Laurita & Rebecca Romijn

Season 10 | AIRED: Jul 21 11/10c
  • Mazel- Geraldo Rivera who caused an uproar today when he tweeted a nude-ish selfie saying ‘70 is the new 50.’ He’s not getting the Mazel for how he looks, he looked pretty good, he’s getting it because he’s a senior citizen and couldn’t figure out how to tweet it upright. Seniors are people too!!
  • Jackhole- The Royal baby. GTFO of your mom already, I mean even Jessica Simpson’s kids think you’ve been in there for too long! I heard the Queen is all ‘out with your head!’ and I know you heard her too especially if you inherited the family ears. So whatever the hold up is, fix it because I need to see your uncle shirtless holding a newborn you ASAP. Thank you.


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