Lydia McLaughlin & Kristen Johnston

Season 10 | AIRED: Jun 17 11/10c
  • Mazel- Justin Rose for winning golf’s US Open yesterday. First of all, may I suggest that you now pronounce your last name “rosé” from now on-- its my recommendation. But Justin really gets the mazel because his wife is a Ramona Singer doppelganger, circa season one, of New York Housewives. Look. Wow. I mean, excuse me. He’s kind of married to Ramona. Its crazy.
  • Jakchole- America’s favorite grill master-- not Bobby Flay-- Lil Wayne! Who, while filming a video for his song, “God Bless America,” trampled all over an American Flag. Take a look. How much sizzurp did it take to think dancing all over that flag was a good idea?


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