Melissa Gorga & Tabatha Coffey

Season 10 | AIRED: Jun 16 11/10c
  • Mazel- Tamra Barney! She got married yesterday! She looks gorgeous. Eddie may have Tamra’s heart, but I will always have her disgusting, former breast implants on the shelf in the Clubhouse back there.
  • Jakchole- Daytime Emmy Awards. Did you watch them tonight? Of course you didn’t. They were on HLN, and let me just do a quick recap, okay? There was a lot of singing-- I don’t know why. Not big numbers, just like, one person singing. Then Aisha Tyler was given the wrong envelope and almost announced the wrong winner. Monty Hall’s tribute video was messed up, so they just described it. Literally. Then there was this sofa where random people flocked down and interviewed the people who had just one, like right in the middle of the stage. It made no sense. Then “Good Afternoon America” won best theme song-- that’s a category-- but there was nobody there to accept it because the show isn’t on anymore. Anyway, thank God everyone there seemed to at least be drunk. I wish I had been, and I’m glad I am now.

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