Andy Cohen kvells over a flight attendant.

If Watch What Happens Live were on this week I would be giving my Mazel to the flight attendant who was pushed too hard by a nasty passenger and freaked out by soliloquizing f-bombs in the loudspeaker, grabbing a beer from the pantry, sliding down the exit chute into his jeep and home to his boyfriend. That sounds like a made-for-TV fantasy way to end a 20-year career getting badgered by air-raged passengers. Mazel, flight attendant dude!

Tonight is awesome. It's Restaurant Wars (a huge fight erupts in the Stew Room and the end is a shocker) on Top Chef followed by the finale of Work of Art. The WOA season-ender is GREAT. I cried several times. (I am a crier, but still....) I'm actually spending the day with our Top Chef team, then heading to a Work of Art soiree to celebrate the finale ... so I am kinda living our lineup today.

Last night I had the best reconnect with Amy Sedaris, who I haven't seen in forever. She's been burrowed away working on her craft book, which comes out this fall. She Is one of the funniest, smartest, most creative people you could ever hope to know. We ate outside at Morandi, by the way.

In other news: I am getting used to my iPad, but am still wondering why it can't do certain things I need from it. Maybe I am expecting too much from my iPad and should think of it more like a big phone (that won't make calls). I should shut up and just read the HuffPo on it and leave it there.

I love going to L.A. if only to drive around and listen to satellite radio, and so I am finally getting Sirius Radio this week. Do you have it and what's your favorite station??

Ok I gotta run. Tweet me tonight and let me know what you think of the big shows.

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