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Atlanta Reunion Caption Fun!

Andy Cohen presents the best of this week's caption contest entries.

This morning I am busy trying to make myself the most Hoda-rific guy I can be, so I can be the best Kathie Lee fill-in in the history of the Today Show, so I am going to meditate with you on Part 2 of the Atlanta Reunion, airing Sunday night along with Watch What Happens: Live with me and Phaedra and Kandi. The other day I posted this pic from the Reunion and asked you guys to come up with captions via Facebook and Twitter. Here were some of the best:


Stephen__Andrew: @BravoAndy 20,000 wigs under the sea!

Hawker_J: @BravoAndy Weave it. Wig it. Whale it. Work it.

Kasey Sanecki: NeNe, please pack your weaves and go.

cpr120568: @BravoAndy. You can put a wig on a whale but its still a whale!

SeeJayneRock: @BravoAndy "Battle Of The Baleen"

Tara T. Greene: WIGGED-OUT WAR!!

Farah Sabra-Hobballah: Andy-"Am I about to get pounded, Nene? Just tell me now, so I can take a sip of my whiskey first"

CherylGeary: @BravoAndy "which monkey is wearing the wig ...bitch"

AndyCohenClub: @BravoAndy Pic: Andy.."I hope this reunion doesn't tank"

lizziekormanyos: @BravoAndy Kim thinks to herself "hmmm I wonder if that whale has more money than Kroy?"

Angela_Maxwell: @BravoAndy The shifting of wigs is about to be on! Bloop bloop!

lizziekormanyos: @BravoAndy Kim thinks to herself "hmmm I wonder if that whale has more money than Kroy?"

Facebook User: Now, you both play nice or you'll swim with the fishes....

Facebook User: "Do you two realize you're wearing the same shoes?"

Caro9Peterson: @BravoAndy If I stare long enough...I'll make her wig levitate. Bam!

Theresa_Thiel: @BravoAndy B**ch I'll hit you so hard you'll be swimming with the dolphins!

monsieurbjones: @BravoAndy Sea monkey with a wig on!

steflid: @BravoAndy Caption: "Tanks for the memories"

EROCKNDC: @BravoAndy attack of the wigs with shamu as the referee.

JackRsMaMa: @BravoAndy Bloop bloop, that is the sound of Kim being thrown into the fishtank by NeNe...

Facebook User: "Of course she's gonna have a wig made for the baby..Duh"--Andy Cohen

Casey Jacalone Andy- Is that whale behind me again?
Nene- no baby Kim is beside you.

Ryan Lee: Nene: "Kim, I know when ur lying b/c ur upper lip begins to swell & u look just like the beluga whale behind us.*cluck*"

Kala Smith: NeNe- "Bitch I wish you would! You just say one word and I will SNATCH that ugly ass wig off of your head!"
Kim- "Did she just say what I think she just said, I need a Cigarette!!"

Facebook User: Kim: Yes NENE, I want to know if the peaches on the table are real. I'm pregnant and hungry, Geez

Facebook User: "Who ever blinks first, their weave will explode!"

Dee Sam: "Seriously Nene, where are you hiding Sweetie?"

Ashley Edwards: Bloop, bloop, bloop! Unplug the drain, I can't breathe in here!

Jethro Nededog: So, which one of you stole my drink? -- Andy Cohen

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