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What a Day!

Andy Cohen celebrates his birthday Watch What Happens-style.

My WWHL team really knows how to make a guy feel great on his birthday! Last night I was picked up for the show and there was a cocktail waiting for me in the backseat of the car!


When I got to work I was greeted by balloons everywhere, including a Snoopy bouquet! They also got me a St. Louis classic, gooey butter cake! Mmm. 



I had an audience full of friends last night, including Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos, and Sean Avery. Kelly brought me a cake from the "Cake Boss" himself! (He'd been on her show that morning.)



The show was so much fun. I can't tell you what a big fan I am of Sandra Bernhard. She is just the funniest! I want her back and back and back again. My team booked the gorgeous polo player and Ralph Lauren model Nacho Figueras to surprise me at the end of the show. I love Nacho!  Here I am with him and his sexy wife Delfina.


After the show we enjoyed cake with a pic from my Bar Mitzvah. Not my best look! 


Check out the After Show, which will be up ASAP, in which my parents call in, and Sandra riffs on our theme song and pays homage to Stevie Nicks. 

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Wish Upon a Giggy

WWHL's Associate Producer reveals her ultimate wish while recapping the wild week that was.

Catfights, Ron Ron Juice, and Lea Black - oh what a week it’s been. 

Tuesday night was filled with the gloriousness of one Ms. Joan Collins. She is classy and spicy and came to our studio clad in a white, sequined blazer. How can you beat that? Answer: you can’t.

Now, the 'Real Housewives' franchise has given us wig pulls, table flips, and year after year of Posche Fashion Show meltdowns. However, I must say, I’ve never seen anything quite as impressive as the Alexis and Krystle fights on 'Dynasty.' The WWHL staff knew that this level of lady-on-lady fighting was screaming for a remix. So, that’s exactly what we did. Check it out…



If I can only be granted one wish from my Giggy in a Bottle, may it be that I am lucky enough to engage in a fight that results in being pushed into a lily pond. *Fingers Crossed*


(P.S. I don’t actually have Giggy in a bottle. Lisa Vanderpump, please don’t have me arrested.)

Wednesday night, we were joined by the ladies of 'Jersey Shore.' I must say, every single member of the 'Jersey Shore' brood is so darn nice. They’re like a modern-day version of 'Full House.'  Think about it, Pauly D is the perfect uncle. He has the same fervor for hair products as Uncle Jesse and the loveable laid back nature of Uncle Joey. Snooki’s baby, Lorenzo, is so lucky!

Speaking of fervor, I cannot stress how much our staff loves Ron Ron Juice. No, it’s not that we actively seek it out. However, when our 'Jersey Shore' friends stop by, our awesome Production Assistant, Tori, whips up a few pitchers. After the show is over, the WWHL staff scrambles to get a glass of the slushy beverage. It’s ice-y, it’s watermelon-y and it’s full of booze. A perfect post-show cocktail!

Finally, we ended our week with the fabulous “Mayor of Miami,” Lea Black. I love Lea Black. I love her jewelry, her chuckle, her family and her Galas. Thanks to Amy Phillips and her spot-on impersonation, we had not one, but TWO Lea Blacks for the night!



After the show, Amy and Lea stuck around for a few moments and chatted by my desk.  I can only hope that the two of them will have a Kiki in Miami, and that Elaine Lancaster will be there, and maybe a fight will break out, and maybe someone will get pushed into a lily pond, aaand maybe that person will be me! Dream accomplished! However, I promise we will not splash water on Lisa Hochstein’s speakers and ruin her party.

Check out Lea Black and Amy Phillips playing the role of Lea Black here…

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