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Watch what happened when Andy Cohen shared some of his swag with his colleagues.

on Mar 15, 20110

One of my favorite things is co-hosting with Hoda Kotb. That's how I am starting my day. Another thing I love is Kathy Griffin; I am ending my day with her when she visits the Bravo Clubhouse live at 11.

The other day I shared some of my favorite things with my co-workers at Bravo.... Here's how it went:

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Linda A
Linda A

Hi Andy, Did you recieve my mail and photograph I sent? RE: Housewives of Compton.

New York Gal
New York Gal


I love all the Housewives shows except Miami. I've tried watching a few times but those women are so boring!! Best are: Bev Hills, Atlanta, NJ, OC and Jersey. I don't care anything about these women! Cancel it!!

New York Gal