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Andy Cohen attends the James Beard Awards.

on May 10, 20110

Last night, I attended the James Beard Awards at Lincoln Center; it was a gorgeous Manhattan night, and so it was breathtaking spending it surrounded by the architectural beauty of that place. They did a fantastic reno of the site over the past few years, and I just love being there. From the moment I arrived, it was a BravoPalooza everywhere I turned. It was Bethenny, Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, James Oseland, and current Top Chef Masters Traci des Jardins, Suvir, and the "Hughnibrow"! Susan Feniger told me she heard from more people after appearing on RHOC than she did the whole time she was on Masters! Oh Lord! I love her, by the way...

I presented an award to a tea shop from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the lady running teleprompter misunderstood my direction before I went onstage, resulting in me having a very awkward pause in front of the entirety of Avery Fisher Hall, and so I, in essence, looked like a fool. Oh well!

After the awards it was booths and booths of sensational food and wine which we enjoyed on the balcony of the hall overlooking the opera and fountain. My date was my old friend Jeanne and we met a lot of cool people and had many laughs. By the way, Top Chef won an award, so... Whoopee!

I am in the dressing room of the Wendy Williams Show where I'm surprising Wendy's Ultimate Fan Viewer co-host. She's an
adorable woman from Mississippi, and I can't wait to meet her! Dan Rather is here somewhere, and I need to find him to give him props!

It's a beautiful day in NYC; I hope it is where you are too!

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Love Bravo
Love Bravo

Andy, It was fun to watch the awards on the website and I can promise that your pause was forgotten immediately! I enjoyed seeing all the chefs we have seen on Bravo, including Susan Feniger! Saw Yigit parade by on the stage and a photo of his dessert on a blog. Love that Zingerman's Roadhouse won and wish that Boulevard had! Also, would love to see Ming on Bravo.


Hi Andy - Always love seeing you on tv and I love the way you really have your viewers interest at heart; especially when questioning all the bad behavior from the Real Housewives! I have to say, when I heard there will be yet another installment of the Bethenny show (...ever after)...I was like, UGH!! No more Bethenny - it's too much and she is overexposed. Enough with her inappropriate statements!

maureen leibovitz
maureen leibovitz

Andy I saw you on Wendy Williams yesterday, for 2 minutes. I wish your segment was longer. Anyway, me personally would like to see you give the Miami girls another chance. It looked like this franchise was thrown together. With a bit of editing and help I think they could pull it together. I hope you will give it some serious thought. Just one opinion

Susan Luce
Susan Luce

Andy I love you and all your shows. I am a high school AP English teacher and I spend so much time grading and making sure my students are ready for the big test so when I have some down time I shoot right to Bravo and am always entertained in one way or another. Thank you for giving me the equivalent of a great glass of wine with friends! You are the best.