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Andy Cohen has one final hurrah at the B Bar institution.

on May 11, 20110

Last night was the end of a NYC nightlife institution as Beige, Erich Conrad's Tuesday night party at B Bar on 4th and Bowery, had a final hurrah before shuttering. The night has been famous (in my world) for the last 16 or 18 years for drawing a consistently fun, hot, diverse and wild crowd every single Tuesday, rain or shine.

They've hosted Britney Spears, Madonna, and every hot lady around. I had my 30th Birthday party (DJ'd by Lady Bunny) there. I think I probably also had five other birthdays there. Once Charo showed up and spontaneously performed from table to table. You could always be gauranteed to see a rotating crop of beautiful people brand new to New York. I remember taking Natasha Richardson and she kept saying, "Where did these people come from??" Once I brought Vicki Gunvalson and NeNe Leakes; the boys went nuts and they did too.

So last night I met a group that knows it's way around B Bar for one final hurrah. It was Bill and Graciela and Hunter and me watching a packed group of familiar faces trying to navigate the curtin call. 

At the next booth was NYC Nightlife legend Amanda Lepore. That lady knows her way around Beige, I'll say that.  She took another pic with her teets fully exposed, but I guess I shouldn't post that one. (I tweeted it last night if you're interested.)

Did I mention that before Beige I attended a lovely dinner at Joan Collins' Upper East Side apartment? Neil Sedaka sang!

Ok I gotta get some WORK done! Have a good day and watch Top Chef Masters tonight featuring Maroon 5!

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I agree,Andy please keep political out of your show. Love xxxooo.


Andy- I LOVE you seriously... you can't even understand how much truly. However, I have one request: please just leave the political comments out (the birth certificate comment I am referring to specifically). Your show is so great and I am genuinely obsessed, but just keep it light pleaseeee :) love you!!!!

Upstate Kate
Upstate Kate

I broke out into a rendition of Calendar Girl just yesterday for my crew at work and they all looked at me like I had lost my mind. Today I read that you saw Neil Sedaka perform last night! I must be somehow tapped into the Cohen/Bravo ethers.


Hey Andy Big fan luv, luv u, but let me tell u people are really making fun of reality tv especially the housewives, for example I just watched Demi Moore and David Duchovny in "The Joneses" about how the reality tv stars are paid for appearances, wearing certain designers, eating at certain restaurants, staying at hotels, completely compted, and how irresponsible it is to others because in this recession most families can not afford to keep up with the Joneses. Anyhow, I have known that all along that's why I laugh at them, and wouldn't want to emulate them anyhow. Luv u Andy.By the way Kim Zolcniak is in the movie for about 1 second.