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Andy Cohen weighs in on show premieres and chides Dr. Keith Ablow for his Chaz Bono comments.

on Sep 7, 2011

I had lunch with Kyle, Adrienne, and Lisa (and husbands and Giggy) yesterday after they taped Anderson Cooper's new syndicated show. (Their episode will air next week, and his show premieres Monday.). It sounds like it was quite a good show. This is not even much of a predication, but I think Anderson is going to be a force in daytime. People don't realize how great he is interacting with people. He's really charming. 

Here I am with Giggy and his little salute to Coops: 

I am stuck in horrible traffic on my way to an all-day meeting. It's raining to beat hell, my driver is not having me one bit, and I have a headache from a sleepless night. Summer is OVER!

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