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Andy Cohen is back from Brazil.

on Sep 14, 2011

And here's a blurry one of Miss Angola after she won. What a beauty, and the crowd was hers. It was like a freaking World Cup soccer game in there..

What did you think of the Flipping Out reunion last night? I got a lot of tweets from people asking if I was mad at Jeff. Of course I was not -- I was only busting his balls about his paint line because he was riding Jenni so hard about her song. His argument with Trace was actually quite long and detailed, and it was clear there were a lot of unresolved issues between the two. When we were done taping, everyone sat at the same table and had a meal, so hopefully that means the two of them can move forward. 

Tonight is a great Willie Wonka & the Chocolate Factory-themed episode of Top Chef: Just Desserts featuring cast members from the original movie and a visually exciting room of sweets!

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