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Andy Cohen attends opening night of The Normal Heart.

on Apr 28, 2011

OK before I get to last night, let me tell you about tonight! The Real Housewives of NYC head to the Hamptons and all hell breaks loose. It's a truly LOL episode that features Ramoment after Ramoment. And then I'm live at 11 with our Royal Wedding Spectacular featuring the Countess LuAnn and D.C.'s Cat. You will recall that Cat made out with Prince Harry a number of years ago so that makes her the most qualified Royal Expert around, methinks.

Speaking of Royalty, I ran into Sir Giggy in Manhattan yesterday afternoon!

What is it about that hairless pom that puts a smile on my face and makes all the blood rush to funny places? I don't know but if it's wrong I don't wanna be right.

So last night was opening of The Normal Heart on Broadway and it was one of the most profoundly moving evenings I've ever spent in a theater. You may know this is the play Larry Kramer wrote over 20 years ago documenting the early days of AIDS -- the efforts to organize within the gay community amidst panic and death and homophobia and hatred and ignorance. It stars Ellen Barkin (in her incredible Broadway debut), Joe Mantello (the great director who hasn't acted since his star turn in Angels in America in the early '90s), John Benjamin Hickey (who will break your heart as he transforms onstage), Lee Pace ('70s porn hotness with a second act monologue from which I never recovered), and Jim Parsons (hilarious and perfect.)