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Andy Cohen gets pumped for his Late Night with Jimmy Fallon appearance.

on Apr 26, 20110

It is a great day in NYC! Summer is here and I'm sure it's fleeting but what the hell. I plan to enjoy it.

Last night was fun. I had drinks with my Watch What Happens Live team at Johnathan Waxman's Barbuto in my neighborhood, then met Bethenny at David Burke's new restaurant in Soho at the James Hotel. It was a fantastic dinner with lots of laughs. She's caught up on the NYC 'Wives and her commentary was pretty hilarious.

I'm on Fallon tonight and am getting pumped up. So much work to do before that I don't have time to think much about it, which is a good thing. 

There's a brand new Pregnant in Heels tonight that you will enjoy. Can you imagine anything more surreal for Rosie Pope than going through fertility drama whilst filming that show??? Truth is stranger than fiction.

Did you guys see Cinema Verite the HBO film about the making of American Family? I haven't yet, but I want to see the original more than anything.

OK I gotta go -- see you on Fallon!

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What was with Bethenny Ever After Monday nite? I thought she was supposed to go out with Nick! I love him! Did you show the wrong episode or switch them on us? I hope he didn't get edited out. Cinema Verite was very good and very interesting. I think the family got a raw deal.


hey andy, don't u think that the Realhousewives (all cities),& Bethenny's show is just turning into one big infomercial? The only "real" thing said or done in any shows in a long time is when peggy admitted to having postpardom depression. Hope ur getting a cut of the profits.....

Stacey Carver
Stacey Carver

Love you Andy! I watched Cinema Verite and enjoyed it but really want to see the original! Do you know if it is available on the web? Thank you for always entertaining me, and for asking the questions that we all want answered!