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Andy announces his forthcoming memoir.

on Aug 8, 2011


I am excited to announce this morning that I've signed with Henry Holt and Company to write a book! It'll be a memoir, of sorts, about my intersections with pop culture over the years, from growing up in front of the TV as a kid in St. Louis to my years at CBS News, all the way up to today. The stories I've been saving up are funny and improbable and really define who I am today.  

This is something I've always wanted to do and, if you've read this blog much over the past seven years, you know that writing is something I enjoy. And, yes, I will write every word of it, I don't know how I could settle for anything less than writing it myself. I started last weekend and have much work to do (understatement) before it comes out next summer. 

Here are some titles that you will NOT see on the cover of my book:

A Million Little Mazels



Rainy Days and Mazels

Vicki and Me: My Secret Affair with the Queen of Insurance 

Every Which Way But Mazel

Stories Sarah Jessica Told Me 

Hope Over Heartbreak: My Battle with Rosacea