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  • Andy's Career Advice Jul 5, 2012

    Andy Cohen opens up about his career and gives a Memorial Day Mazel.

  • My Book! Jul 5, 2012


    I'm so excited that this week has finally come! My book, Most Talkative, comes out tomorrow and I can't wait for you to read it. My publishers call it a memoir, but I say it's a collection of funny stories from my life, from my childhood through today. I was voted Most Talkative in high school (as well as Biggest Gossip) and my mouth has gotten me in all sorts of trouble over the years (lying to Oprah Winfrey to get an interview, and getting busted) and also come in handy (hosting a talk show).

  • How Did This Happen? Jul 5, 2012

    How did I go from posting something every day to feeling a heavy heart about not posting enough?! Well, the show went five nights a week and my life totally changed. That's what happened. And I'm sorry. But I promise to try to do this more often.