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Andy still can't believe Marilyn Manson called the Clubhouse.

on Nov 15, 20110

Not sure what to say about last night's show... Let me start by saying that China Chow is so amazing that not only did she turn it out in vintage Thierry Mugler, but in the 24 hours leading up to her appearance she watched eleven episodes of RHOBH.  That is preparation, my friends! Beyond that, she told us about Mark Wahlberg's third nipple and her friend Marilyn Manson called into the show! Although I could barely hear Manson, it was nuts and cool. And in a case of worlds colliding -- who knew that Mark W. and China had dated for three years, and that he'd had dinner before the show Adrienne and Paul!? How does that kind of stuff happen anyway?

Oh and in another small world moment, we got a tweet from a woman who's mom was the original owner of China's vintage dress! The mom had worn it to the daughter's bat mitzvah and then -- in a very Fashion Hunters moment -- sold it to New York Vintage, where China bought it. I read the tweet on the After Show and it seems I was more excited than China. (By the way, good fashion stuff on Bravo tonight!)

Here's that and clips from the show:


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A Real HW
A Real HW

Hey, Andy!

Love your show -- I think you're an absolute doll! I also enjoy watching the HW series. However, I am curious as to who censors posts on the RHW blog site. It is apparent that only posts of adoration are allowed on Ms. V's blog. Again, not everyone who watches RHBH worships Ms. V or believes she is without fault. It was evident in viewing the most recent episode that Lisa started the interrogation with Taylor at the tea party. Lisa should not have confronted Taylor in front of her other guests (re: not being invited to Taylor's luncheon). I do not blame Taylor for being upset with Lisa, after all of the snide remarks she has made about Taylor both seasons. However, Taylor should not have tried to involve the other ladies in the situation.

Wishing you a wonderful Holiday season:)


Loved Marilyn Manson's call. Love the clubhouse and all your guests. Love Giggy and Tramona.

But why oh why is the Millionaire Matchmaker still on? It's awful and the lack of viewership seems to bear this out. Hide this show on Friday and let this season be the last. Honestly, it seems like its been on for months. Oh, it has.