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Andy shares his newest t-shirt idea.

on Nov 14, 2011

Would that be a fun t-shirt? "Occupy the Clubhouse" with a picture of Tramona in protest gear? Kind of fun, but maybe not. Who would wear it?

But I digress. Good morning! I am technically on jury duty, but it was one of those show up and "we don't need you, come back tomorrow" situations. I am happy to be gone and will see those wonderful folks tomorrow.

Tonight is a pretty dramatic and heavy episode of RHOBH followed by a special, The Headhuntress. And then I'm live at 11 with Adrienne Maloof and China Chow. China's show, Work of Art, is on fire and really taking off with a bullet. People looooooove it (myself included).

The weekend was so nice in that I got a TON of Bravo work and book work done. I feel totally ahead of the game right now.  Last night before the show I went to the opening of "Standing on Ceremony" at the Minetta Lane Theater.  It's a bunch of mini-plays about gay marriage starring Mark Consuelos, Richard Thomas, Polly Draper, Craig Bierko and more. They're all great and it's a funny, moving evening. I am so proud of Mark!