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Good Morning!

Andy dishes about his meeting with Madonna and Brandi's shocking secret.

Wait, did last night happen? Sometimes I ask myself that the morning after an especially wacky show. The answer is always YES.

First of all, I'm so glad RHOBH ended on a high, happy note with Pandora's wedding. It was fun to go inside of it, and when Lisa showed up at WWHL she was in tears, having just watched it for the second time.

Not only did she let me feel her butt on live TV to prove to the world that there aren't implants in the badonk (I didn't feel any), Brandi revealed during Plead the Fifth that she had a weeklong fling with Gerard Butler. And Uggie, the dog from The Artist, appeared to collect his Mazel of the Day in person and I got a good face lickin'!

After the show I went to the party for Madonna's new movie W.E. at the top of the Standard and chatted with the icon. She gave me a fantastic preview of the MadonnaBowl, but I promised her I wouldn't share what she said. It's safe to say it's going to be a lot of epic packed into twelve minutes. I cannot wait.

Speaking of music legends, tonight Mary J. Blige is on WWHL! That's going to be exciting.

I turned in my book yesterday for the final time. I feel light as a feather. So I can happily tell you to look for Most Talkative in stores May 8th and know it will actually be there!

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