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Andy dishes on his birthday celebrations and the RHOC reunion.

on Jun 6, 2012

I don't know if you saw the pageant itself, but the highlight for me was Akon, who is so winning and sexy. We had some fun backstage and he was on my flight to LA the next day in an aqua tracksuit. Oh and Miss Rhode Island's answer about transgender acceptance seems to have won her the title, which I love. And so I guess Miss Pennsylvania is stirring up all kinds of stuff today, huh? Why didn't I pay more attention to her over the weekend!? I was kind of obsessed with Miss Oklahoma and her bangs. I thought she was going to win. She didn't. What the hell do I know?

I had the sweetest Q/A and signing at the Diesel Bookstore in Brentwood on Monday night -- outdoors and chic and fun and very LA. Kyle Richards (and her ladysitter), Kathryn Ireland, Martyn Bullard, and Taylor Armstrong all showed up to say hi. How nice is THAT? Anyway I love going to independent bookstores and meeting the owners and chatting with the locals. It restores my faith in... something. America? Everything doesn't have to be a chain. We should support our independents. It's all about the grass roots.

Yesterday we shot the RHOC reunion all freaking day. It was tons of drama, and yes, I got attacked. You have to watch the show to find out what happened, but it's not what you're thinking. Shocking, really... If you want to know a ton of behind-the-scenes info about what goes on at reunion shows, there's a long chapter about it in my book I think you'll love. I'm excited for you to see this one. O.C. never disappoints. I am really excited about the response to the new RHONY, by the way. Thanks for all the comments on Twitter and here. I read them all.

After the reunion I met my unlikely buddy John Mayer for a late dinner and some whiskey. His song "Whiskey Whiskey Whiskey" is one of the best on his CD. If you don't have it, check it out.  Sounds like a classic old CSNY album... or in that vein.

I hope to see you soon on my travels!

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