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Andy Cohen addresses questions about WWHL's newest features.

on Jan 16, 2012

Hey, everybody!

I'm a week behind on this damn blog, and I apologize. I'm trying to get into a routine with the new schedule and the blog fell through the cracks last week.

I'm having so much fun doing WWHL five nights a week. I've especially loved hosting all new people in the Clubhouse that have nothing to do with the Housewives, just to talk about themselves. Rosie Perez and Robin Thicke killed me last week.

I read all your comments from last week's blog and will respond:

Some have you say the set is too bright and the Lite-Brite art is too much for your wee eyes before bedtime. Hopefully by now you've gotten used to it? Or dislike it even more? I am crazy about it, and think the addition of the bar also kicked the Clubhouse up a few notches.

I'm excited for you to see more of Sandra.  We are lucky to have her as our own "Andy Rooney"-type commentator, and that segment is going to be one of your favorites if it isn't already.