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WWHL's Supervising Producer talks about the early days of WWHL.

on Jul 26, 20120

Fun fact for comedy nerds – our first ever Clubhouse audience was made of just two people, comedian Paul Scheer and his hilarious writer/actor/genius wife, June Raphael. Paul is a pal of mine, and when he and June were visiting New York from LA, he let it slip that June was obsessed with all things Housewives and Bravo, so I asked Andy if my friends could sneak into the studio and sit by me. He sweetly agreed, and it was so much fun having two enthusiastic, smiling faces watching, that from then on we always included an audience for every live show. Now, of course, it’s not just two people, it’s seventeen or eighteen! If you ever get the opportunity to come to the show and sit in the Clubhouse trying to clap without spilling your cocktail, now you know who to thank for paving the way!

One reason I love being in the Clubhouse so much is that I get to see everything that happens during the show, but also everything that happens in the moments before and during the commercial breaks, which is often just as entertaining as anything you see at home on TV. BLIND ITEM ALERT! One particular instance that I am obsessed with was when a particular guest was about to come onto the Clubhouse set for their show appearance, but then at the last minute, one of the celebrity’s “people” came in and started scanning all the fun and colorful tchotchkes lining the Clubhouse shelves. Then he goes up and starts taking some things down, gathering them in his arms, which struck me as unusual. “Hey, what’s goin’ on?” I asked. The reply was shocking. “Owls,” he replied. “We got to get rid of all these owls before [redacted] can come out here.” Sure enough, he was holding two wooden, one ceramic, and one plush owl he’d spotted among all the things sitting on the Clubhouse shelves. Apparently the person he worked for is terrified of owls and owl-related décor, and he’d been trained to seek them out and swoop in. Like an owl spotting a rodent from the sky. Ironic. To this day, every time I look at any of the owls on the set (which have since been put back in their places of honor) I start cracking up. I’ll never forget it. Don’t bother asking which guest it was though, I’m sworn to secrecy and can never tell you HOO!

Caissie St.Onge is a long-time TV worker bee and she’s also published a Young Adult Novel (Jane Jones: Worst. Vampire. Ever.) and has another one coming out…soon-ish! Follow her on Twitter, @Caissie.