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Who doesn't talk about tits in the workplace?

Jun 21, 20120

Hello there, my name is Lindsey, and I am an Associate Producer on Watch What Happens Live. Just like you, I am a huge fan of all things Bravo and love that a large part of my job consists of watching hours and hours of Bravo shows!

Another fun part of my job is getting to help create the remixes you see on our show. To get the season started off right, Andy and our producers decided we had to make a Milania Mega Mix for Sunday’s show with Teresa and Joe. I had the pleasure of compiling all our favorite Milania moments and jumbling them up into a crazy remix with our fantastic editor, James. Wednesday’s hilarious Grandma Edith remix, where we looped her saying “tits” multiple times, was just another day in the office. I had no trouble telling James when, where, and how often “tits” needed to be used within the remix. That’s totally normal office conversation, right? Right!


tamra, should of stayed out of jim and terrys bussiness.she needs to go.she is a bully and needs to get some help.andy clean house.The last show was pretty lame.sarah eating the bow was funny.heather made to much out of it.Lexie is are favorite housewive.

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Too funny!!!  What a dream job you have.  Trying to keep all of Andy's "babies" amused must be a challenge in itself.  Goodness knows, even trying to get into their heads and keep them happy is a full time job (ummm...I did say heads and not brains!)