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Who doesn't talk about tits in the workplace?

Jun 21, 20120

After all our remix clips are completed and the clock ticks closer to show time, my job (along with some other fabulous ladies) is to patrol the internet and read all of your Facebook comments, tweets, texts, and emails. I am always amazed at how many great questions we get every night. We love to read what you all are thinking and are always laughing out loud at your hilarious commentary. Clearly on Sunday I NEEDED to pull the question from @MollyEdington: Will Joe Giudice please do the splits? Never did I think our dream would come true – but to my delight Joe gave the splits a go! Perhaps Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga DO have something in common -- they are both unable to turn down a dare!




tamra, should of stayed out of jim and terrys bussiness.she needs to go.she is a bully and needs to get some help.andy clean house.The last show was pretty lame.sarah eating the bow was funny.heather made to much out of it.Lexie is are favorite housewive.

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Too funny!!!  What a dream job you have.  Trying to keep all of Andy's "babies" amused must be a challenge in itself.  Goodness knows, even trying to get into their heads and keep them happy is a full time job (ummm...I did say heads and not brains!)