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Who doesn't talk about tits in the workplace?

Jun 21, 2012

We got Ramotional on Monday with Ramona and a Ramona impersonator. After the show, Mario took this picture and it blew my mind!

Tuesday night turned into a cake-tastrophe (but this time in a good way, unlike #CakeGate in the O.C.) when Gretchen Rossi and Niecy Nash were blindfolded and forced to dig through cake to find a fake diamond. This special WWHL moment was made possible by our swift production assistants who managed to sneak a coffee table, two cakes, and plenty of napkins into the studio within 25 seconds. After the game was over, our PAs removed the whole mess just as quickly during the commercial break and helped to get Niecy and Gretchen clean. While running into the studio to give Andy the latest Twitter questions, I found this in the hallway. Midnight snack anyone?

It was great to be back in the Clubhouse this week! Andy makes this job a blast each and every day. He certainly is the king of late-night fun! See you all next week.

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