Producer's Blog

WWHL's Segment Producer relives this week's maddness. 

on Aug 2, 2012

Dear Internet, it’s me, Zara. I’m new around here. I joined the WWHL team back in January once America demanded more Housewivery in late night and the show was bumped up to five nights a week. More shows means more hands needed to crank the great TV machine, and I joined the show as a Segment Producer, along with my colleague, Melissa.

Now, what is a Segment Producer, you might ask? I am one of the people who pitches and produces ideas for everything you see in the show –- Here’s What’s, Plead the Fifths, games, reasons to involve a live baby animal on the show... you get the idea. Once a guest is booked, I’ll read through the research lovingly crafted by Christie and Megan to try and shape the nuggets they find into delicious television morsels. Or, I bang my head against my computer keyboard until puns come out.

Which brings me to one of the best parts of my job: THE PUNS. I come up with the puns. Massive amounts of puns. It is Mad Max: Beyond Punderdome around here. Yes, that is a pun about how many puns there are. (You’re welcome.) When I arrived at the show, I quickly learned that the key to any successful game was in its title. I heard the legend of Caissie’s genius title for a game with Hoda Kotb -– “Hodalee Hee Hoo” -– and dreamed of reaching such heights of pun-ditry myself. So, I threw in with the best of them: Our Gayvorite Things, Getting Quizzy With It, Pup Quiz, and my magnum opus, Coco-T or Coco-A. See, mom, it’s almost like grad school!