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A Researcher's Dream!

WWHL's Research Associate Producer talks supermodel friends, guest pet visits, and hitting the jackpot.

Hey ya’ll! It’s Christie...Research Associate Producer, Interactive AP, and fellow Bravo/Housewife superfan! I’m here to give you the scoop on what went down behind the scenes this week. When we started researching guests for the shows, I felt like we had hit the jackpot! I have been waiting for a few of these guests to come on WWHL for a very long time.

Sunday night was filled with fierce ponytails and serious energy as the gorgeous and always hilarious/slightly tipsy, Chrissy Teigen joined us in the Clubhouse. I was excited because I knew she had just attended a pajama party at the Manzo’s house (thanks Twitter!). I couldn’t wait to show the audience the Manzo pj party pic and get her take on part one of the reunion (how epic was that thing, btw?!?!). As expected, she did not disappoint. I enjoy a lady that isn’t always political or diplomatic with her answers.  

Monday night Michelle Trachtenberg made her Clubhouse debut. One of the producers (and Twitter, thanks again!) indicated she was a huge Housewives fan. I love it when our guests are fans of the Bravo shows, don’t you? It’s like finding out one of your best girlfriends leads a double life and having her over to gossip and drink wine. I already knew what I wanted to feature as a “Here’s What” for Michelle -- over the past few months of doing research for our RHONY shows, I’d noticed all these pics of Ramona and Michelle together. Did they know each other? How did they meet? Is Ramona like a second mother to her? Are they frenemies? Do they party with their pinot on the weekend? Does Michelle participate in Turtle Time? Is Georgina Sparks based on Ramona? Are they looking for a third person (me) to join their elite club?! When would Michelle ever be on so we could finally ask her in person?!?!?! I won’t lie, I was a little disappointed when Michelle revealed their juxtaposition was just random luck. I had made up a whole backstory about them in my mind. A modern day Thelma and Louise. OH WELL! But, Michelle was still a great sport, brushing up on her Russian before the show and writing all of the Housewife taglines out by hand.

After the show Carole Radziwill and her friend, Karen Duffy (you remember her, super hot model/actress from the 90’s, Almay spokesmodel and Revlon’s Charlie perfume girl!), were heading out with Michelle for a nightcap. On the elevator ride down, the ladies talked about dating, mutual friends, and what men were their current types. A writer, a model, and an actress all dishing on guys and living the oh so glamorous life. This, I thought, is one of those crazy Sex and the City New York moments that don’t usually exist in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of real NYC life. As I walked out behind them, Karen Duffy turned around to me and said, “Have a good night, I love your makeup by the way! It looks great!” The Almay-“tarantula eye”-mascara-lady (remember that commercial?) thought my makeup looked great?! SCORE!

Tuesday we were greeted with an adorable surprise; Donnie Wahlberg brought his sweet dog Lumpy with him to the show.


Since I research guests, I had read about Lumpy and was delighted to meet him in person. Plus, Jenny McCarthy graced us with her up-for-anything presence. I couldn’t wait to show some of the goofy Jenny promotional pics we had found months earlier in Heather Dubrow’s research, and learn a little about what “Heather Paige Kent” was like pre-Housewives. Finally! Another one of my burning Housewife questions would be answered.  After the show the staff had a few drinks (Fresquila for me!), and we played  a little dress up with the wigs that were used for the next night’s Ethan Hawke/Liam Neeson “Clubhouse Playhouse.” How did I look with the Caroline redheaded bob? Let’s just say I’m not posting pics of that for a reason.  We also tried out a new game that our genius Game Producer, Paul, is working on. Things always get heated after the show when we play Paul’s games. My team won (I think)!  

On nights when I answer the viewer phone calls during the show, it is really hard to hear what is going on in the studio.  So when I get home, I rewatch WWHL to make sure it looked and sounded OK. On Tuesday night as I sat and watched Jenny and Donnie from home, I caught myself smiling. How strange I thought, to be smiling when I basically knew everything that was going to happen. WWHL allows guests to let their guard down, and brings out their party people persona. The questions you call in with and tweet to us set the tone for the entire show. We are so grateful our viewers want to participate in the show with us. Sometimes it feels like you are sitting right beside Andy asking your questions! I love writing these blogs, I feel like I’m talking to “my people” (kind of like Vicki’s “people,” but with less “woo hoo-ing”)!

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Ask, Believe, Receive A Kiss From Andy

WWHL’s Research PA dishes on one seriously unique work week.

Hey guys! My name is Laura and I’m a Research Production Assistant here at WWHL. For the first 3 seasons on this unbeweavable show, I was the permanently glittered hands crafting the crazy fun props and prizes gifted to the guests. You name it, I’ve bedazzled it! (No but seriously: pacifier, pickle, ‘fro pick, condoms, whip, hookah, mannequin leg...the list goes on!) This past season, I closed down my crafting corner and now I have the pleasure of helping Megan, Christie, and Lindsey with research and interactive. Every night, I get to read all of your amazing questions for our guests and help make sure that Andy’s got a stellar selection on his cards. But who cares about me?! On to this crazy week of shows!

Sunday: Kim and Reza did NOT disappoint.  They served up some wig wearin’, stache sportin’, truth tellin’ realness.  Kim rocked “The Farrah” like only she can, not to be outdone by Reza’s gloriously quaffed upper lip.  I swear that man’s mustache is the 8th wonder of the world...

There’s something so refreshing about two guests truly unafraid to tell it like it is and it makes for great TV.  Reza musta had Santa on the brain ‘cause he couldn’t keep from dropping those Ho, Ho, Hos! And say what you will about Kim, but that lady just wants to be home with her hot hubby and you can’t hate a ho for that!  

Monday: Let’s be real for a second: I’m 23 and I’m not even gonna PRETEND to be ashamed that I used to drink up every drama filled minute of Laguna Beach and The Hills. So of course I was LIVING for Kristin Cavallari’s confession that it was a big pile of producer induced drama. Shocking? Eh, not really. Exhilarating for the teen in me? Abso-freaking-lutely. There’s no shame in my game, hunny!

Taylor Armstrong was on her absolute A-game and she totally wins for my favorite one liner of the week: “The only thing uglier than a drunk woman is a drunk woman’s 40-yr-old ass flying through the air!” And please let us not forget the arm wrestling. Oh my word, the arm wrestling.  


Tuesday: Truly, there are no words for the amazingness that was the luscious lipped Lisa Rinna and Jeff Lewis and therefore I simply gift you with this kisstacular clip:

You’re welcome. 

Wednesday: I really think that one of the things that is so unique about WWHL is our unexpected guest combos. You never know who will end up in those chairs!  So when I saw ‘Carmen Electra and Billy Ray Cyrus’ on the calendar, my achy breaky heart skipped an achy breaky beat.

When Carmen slinked into the studio I couldn’t believe how amazing she looked. Does that woman age?! She was KILLIN’ it all night long complete with sex appeal and sock bun. I admit I was bummed when Billy Ray plead the fifth on the Miley Ex-BF question. I mean really, who wasn’t hoping for a little juice on a JoBro?! But fear not! Carmen saved the day (and all the imaginary swimmers) by teaching Andy and Billy to patrol the beach, slow mo style!


Thursday: Apparently agelessness is going around because Jane Fonda looks SPECTACULAR. She and Sandra paired up for the perfect storm of hilarity and the show ended with my favorite new holiday tradition: Secret Sandra! 

And may I just add that the legendary, Oscar winning, fitness flaunting Miss Fonda went home wearing a menorah hat? So yeah, my life is complete. 


Love and Light ;)