Producer's Blog

WWHL's Research Associate Producer talks supermodel friends, guest pet visits, and hitting the jackpot.

on Oct 4, 2012

Hey ya’ll! It’s Christie...Research Associate Producer, Interactive AP, and fellow Bravo/Housewife superfan! I’m here to give you the scoop on what went down behind the scenes this week. When we started researching guests for the shows, I felt like we had hit the jackpot! I have been waiting for a few of these guests to come on WWHL for a very long time.

Sunday night was filled with fierce ponytails and serious energy as the gorgeous and always hilarious/slightly tipsy, Chrissy Teigen joined us in the Clubhouse. I was excited because I knew she had just attended a pajama party at the Manzo’s house (thanks Twitter!). I couldn’t wait to show the audience the Manzo pj party pic and get her take on part one of the reunion (how epic was that thing, btw?!?!). As expected, she did not disappoint. I enjoy a lady that isn’t always political or diplomatic with her answers.  

Monday night Michelle Trachtenberg made her Clubhouse debut. One of the producers (and Twitter, thanks again!) indicated she was a huge Housewives fan. I love it when our guests are fans of the Bravo shows, don’t you? It’s like finding out one of your best girlfriends leads a double life and having her over to gossip and drink wine. I already knew what I wanted to feature as a “Here’s What” for Michelle -- over the past few months of doing research for our RHONY shows, I’d noticed all these pics of Ramona and Michelle together. Did they know each other? How did they meet? Is Ramona like a second mother to her? Are they frenemies? Do they party with their pinot on the weekend? Does Michelle participate in Turtle Time? Is Georgina Sparks based on Ramona? Are they looking for a third person (me) to join their elite club?! When would Michelle ever be on so we could finally ask her in person?!?!?! I won’t lie, I was a little disappointed when Michelle revealed their juxtaposition was just random luck. I had made up a whole backstory about them in my mind. A modern day Thelma and Louise. OH WELL! But, Michelle was still a great sport, brushing up on her Russian before the show and writing all of the Housewife taglines out by hand.